Friday, August 31, 2012


See the smiley dood? He has the exact expression I had when I read this article a moment ago:
As part of her anti-obesity Let's Move campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama is now presenting a brief online course: “Supermarket Shopping 101.”
The course, which now appears on the website, provides novice shoppers with tips such as “steer clear of the cookie, snack and soda aisle.”
OK I admit it. I've read things at that IVillage site and it's a collection, a VAST collection, of articles and advice columns and mostly of women's interest. Lots of MOM articles. As well--
As previously reported,, which featured Mrs. Obama as a guest editor, also features graphic sex tips, including from prostitutes.

Does Mrs. Obama know this? And if so does she read the sex articles? No wait I don't want to know. One would think the first lady of the US would really vet out any online websites she is (ghost) writing articles for. Ahh but this is Michelle Obama. I don't really think she was ever a lady to begin with.


  1. Michelle Obama: Mom Blogger? Somehow it doesn't seem to be a good fit. I just fired a guy who was not a good fit for my company. Why can't I fire Mrs. Obama (or her husband really). I do believe we pay his salary.

  2. My thoughts exactly. Michelle is by far the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen! I do not, DO NOT, like her at all. I find her to be repulsive as hell.