Saturday, September 1, 2012

Book Collections or Kindles?

It took me a few years to realize this: I prefer to read books over using the Kindle.

I have 3 Kindles- two of which have no room for any more books. The Kindle is good for those times when I'm traveling or otherwise not prepared to carry around books. The Kindle makes a GREAT gift for people. The Kindle is good to have on hand. So is the Nook, which I bought recently and when push comes to shove, I prefer over the Kindle.

I like my books. I have thousands of them. Collections- Stephen King novels, Anne Rice, John Grisham are just a few of the authors of books I collect. My main collection includes mostly non fiction, real crime and medical/nursing books. I have a good selection of management/culture change type books as well.There is a book for everyone, at my house! Of course, there is the issue of space...where to put my books? I have 7 big bookcases! I can't keep adding books. My grown kids will hate me some day when they have to pack them all up and do something with them.

I used to go to every flea market and yard sale in the area and would always find great deals on books. Entire series for 10.00 type of deals. In my local area are 3 consignment shops I like to frequent and I purchase cookbooks at these places.

My collection of cook books.

For me there is nothing like sitting in my big leather chair, with the floor lamp shining down as I read my books often with music playing. I love holding books; I love turning the pages. I always have a cup of coffee on the side table when I'm in my favorite reading spot. One of the cats is almost always up on the chair, reading with me, I swear!

I tried to get this down home comfy feeling while "reading" off the Kindle but it just wasn't the same.
I'm not sure why- maybe it's the lighting. Maybe it's the awkward size of the Kindle compared to most of my books. I can't really put my finger on it but I just don't like it anymore. I have vowed to go back out to the Flea Markets and Yard sales in an effort to purchase more I keep reading that Publishing Firms are shutting down business all over the world. They can't compete with the Internet and devices such as the Kindle. I want to keep relics of history for my family- in the form of hard copy books. One day soon, they will no longer be printed.


  1. I love the Kindle for travel and for the "brain candy" books. When I actually need to LEARN and RETAIN info, a hard copy is indispensable, because I need to highlight and write notes. Microsoft was developing a product called the Courier a few years ago (they ditched it - further proof they've lost their mojo) which would have been *great* because you COULD "write" on it. So, when they come out with that sort of produce for the masses ;-) , Kat will be a happy, HAPPY girl! LOL

    I remember how I was soooooo jealous when you got your first Kindle, *snicker*

  2. I think we've had this conversation before :)
    I think the Kindle is a godsend to those who do not want the clutter of books all over the place. That, and for those who are conscience of the environment and trees. That said, I too prefer the real book over the device book. Magazines too- my wife has many collections of several different titles.

  3. I've had one since 2008, and I can barely read a paper book anymore. There are two I really want to read, but, I refuse to pay the $14+ for them on Kindle, and just never get around to going to the library for them.

    Interestingly, since I really got hooked, I rarely ever re-read a book. I used to read many multiple times. Now? I go find something new to read.

    You do know you can send books to archive, right? :D

  4. Kat that is when I use my Kindle. I only take one with me too- it is handy for traveling. I did purchase many of my fav novels and have them ready to read at a moments' notice. I just don't like reading from the Kindle anymore. I always get a headache!

  5. Joe are you implying that I have clutter?? There's a movie coming out, about the world without power. I vision myself being one of the few people who can survive without all the cell, no Kindle, no computer, no lights, stove, heat, hot water...I do believe I could live comfortably. Most if not all of the current generation of kids would not make it. Books are just one thing that comes to mind. LOL

  6. Teach, I haven't purchased anything for Kindle in over a year. I have no interest. I have bought about 8 hard copy books though!